Uncle Tom’s Cabin (3)


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アンクル・トムの小屋」( Lit2Go より)の第3章です。


Tom 2 :  Eliza 幼い Harry を連れて逃げる

Shelby氏 は,自分がしたことを大変後悔しました。妻にどう話してよいかわからなかったのですが,その日の夜,思い切って話すと,Shelby夫人 は,なんてことをしたの!と咎めました。
Shelby氏 は,Haley が借金のカタとして Tom と幼いHarry 以外は受け取らないと言うのでしかたがなかった,と話しました。

その二人の話を,こともあろうに,Harry の母親 Eliza が,ドアの隙間から聞いていました。
ElizaHarry を連れて逃げる決心をします。
Eliza は,Shelby夫人 に感謝の手紙を書き残し,逃げる支度をして,寝ている Harry を起こしました。
そして逃げる前に Uncle Tom の小屋に行き,Tom も売らてしまったこと,そしてその事情も伝えました。
TomAunt Chloe は,驚き,嘆き悲しみました。

Eliza の夫 George は,他の家の奴隷でした。George は,主人が残虐な人だったので,逃げ出すことを考え,ちょうどその日の昼間にに Eliza のところに来て,近いうちに逃げるつもりだという話をしたところでした。
Eliza は,夫George に後から来るようにメッセージを伝えてくださいと Aunt Chloe に頼み,Harry を抱いて闇に消えていきました。


Shelby家 の奴隷たち
Uncle Tom・妻Aunt Chloe子供たち


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Chapter 3

0The Morning After

1Next morning, when it was discovered that Eliza had run away with her little boy, there was great excitement and confusion all over the house.

2Mrs. Shelby was very glad.  3Thank God!” she said.  4“I hope Eliza will get right away.  I could not bear to think of Harry being sold to that cruel man”

5Mr. Shelby was angry.  6“Haley knew I didn’t want to sell the child,” he said.  7“He will blame me for this.”

8One person only was quite silent, and that was Aunt Chloe.  9She went on, making the breakfast as if she heard and saw nothing of the excitement round her.

10All the little black boys belonging to the house thought it was fine fun.  11Very soon, about a dozen young imps were roosting, like so many crows, on the railings, waiting for Haley to come.  12They wanted to see how angry he would be, when he heard the news.

13And he was dreadfully angry.  14The little nigger boys thought it was grand.  15They shouted and laughed and made faces at him to their hearts’ content.

16At last Haley became so angry, that Mr. Shelby offered to give him two men to help him to find Eliza.

17But these two men, Sam and Andy, knew quite well that Mrs. Shelby did not want Eliza to be caught, so they put off as much time as they could.

18They let loose their horses and Haley’s too.  19Then they frightened and chased them, till they raced like mad things all over the great lawns which surrounded the house.

20Whenever it seemed likely that a horse would be caught, Sam ran up, waving his hat and shouting wildly, “Now for it!  Cotch him!  Cotch him!”  21This frightened the horses so much that they galloped off faster than before.

22Haley rushed up and down, shouting and using dreadful, naughty words, and stamping with rage all the time.

23At last, about twelve o’clock, Sam came riding up with Haley’s horse.  24He’s cotched,” he said, seemingly very proud of himself.  25“I cotched him!’

26Of course, now it was too late to start before dinner.  27Besides, the horses were so tired with all their running about, that they had to have a rest.

28When at last they did start, Sam led them by a wrong road.  29So the sun was almost setting before they arrived at the village where Haley hoped to find Eliza.


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